Opening the Trunk

There’s a trunk in my heart. A trunk full of experiences, thoughts, conversations, actions, and lessons. This trunk is near to empty in the fall of 2016. I don’t notice because I never bother to open it.

Time goes on.

2017 rolls around and is near to finish. My heart feels ten times the heavier. I remember the trunk and something urges me to open it. I undo the latch and lift the lid. Paper after paper of the story of my life spills out onto the floor. The trunk is full. Full and in a continual state of overflowing.

I know now why it’s so heavy.


What is the Trunk?

“A Writer’s Musings on Everyday Life Encounters…”

That pretty much sums it up.

It’s a broad topic and could mean that anything under the sun might be posted on here, but that’s the point. This blog is, in short, a public journal of mine. A place for me to map out my journey with words because:

1) Writing is my medium of expression

2) Sometimes we all need something to refer back to – remembering is good for the soul

And –

3) No one is in this alone.

Life never teaches the same lesson one minute to the next. And the Lord seems to have a love for surprise and wonder. Thus, I have maintained the freedom in the topics of discussion here so this blog and its readers may grow along with its author – myself.

Don’t worry your pretty head. I haven’t left this site completely up in the air, though…

There are a few specific areas of discussion which I intend to visit regularly due to familiararity and constant visitation. I have devoted pages to these areas on the Trunk’s Menu Bar. They are as follows:

a) The Notebook – Here is to be found all of my said “musings” divided into categories that range from Life and Story and Writing to debates on Larry the cucumber’s false perception that everyone has a water buffalo. You get the idea. The Notebook is basically the “all of the above” category.

b) The Toolshed – Here is where I have made room for my love of teaching and shall attempt to wield the very limited knowledge and experience I might have to the service of others such as thine self.

And last but not least:

c) The Storybook – This is where I will once in a blue moon find the courage to actually share my works of fiction with eyes apart from my own. Poems, short stories, essays, book reviews, synopsis and updates on the progress of my longer manuscripts, etc. Anything and everything literature is the Storybook’s realm.

So that is the Trunk.

My Trunk. Your Trunk. God’s Trunk.

But, why?


Why the Online Trunk?

I’ve recently lived one of the most bitter sweet years of my life so far (2017). Many great hardships. Many great lessons. And, as terrible as some of the experiences have been, I wouldn’t change a single thing were God to grant me the privilege. Nothing in the past has changed me the way this year has and I know that God only has more in store for the future.

During these trials, one idea – or, rather, command – kept presenting itself to me through word of mouth, experience, and my own bible study times: that God wants me to share all that He is teaching me. I don’t why He does, but only that there’s a light He has given me and I’ll be hiding it under a bush if I don’t. So, instead, I will wave it high in the air. Instead, I will record what He is teaching me here.

And I hope you’ll do so, too.